I was born Assyrian, but I grew up living amid another rich culture and history, that of Italy. At age 16, I started my apprenticeship in Florence. Here I first learned the skills of sculpting, painting and designing. For over seven years, I mastered my trade in several schools, ateliers and artisan shops.


At the Academies I gained a profound understanding of the fine arts. I became proficient in creating frescos and monuments at Raymondo Riaci Atelier. I discovered one of my greatest passions - sculpting - at Bronzi Di Firenze. There I worked as a professional sculptor, creating statues in Bronzi a Cera Persa. I also worked in Bini Alfonso, the famous artisan shop, alongside the Japanese artist, Harwo Kinoshita. Under Florentine traditions, I created wood sculptures and papier mache masks, as well as interior design and jewelry for Ponte Vecchio.


For the last few years, I have been also designing sterling silver jewelry in New York City. My work has been displayed in galleries throughout Europe and United States.